Does Mental Health affect our body? Yes!


Physical health is connected to Mental health, there are instances where people develop some physical illnesses that was related to its mental state.


It is important to exercise your body, have healthy diet, drink water frequently to be physically fit, it’s the same as our brain, it needs to be exercised to be mentally fit and healthy. You can have some crosswords, or some games or books that can stimulate your learning and the function of your brain.


One mental state always affects the way a person perceived its environment, its emotions and relationship to others and also its physical health. We also need to nurture our mental health to learn that coping will help us to get stronger, to have stronger mindset. We all have our own weaknesses but knowing and acknowledging that these weaknesses can be our own strong weapon we all just needed to learn how to be in control.


Controlling what should our mind needed to see and learn is power, we need to feed our brains healthy food not just our physical body as having a strong mind corresponds to having a strong body.


Let us take care our body and our minds let us protect our own in order for us to protect someone too.

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