You Should Become Better

You should become better, LIVE for YOURSELF. Each and every day, we are struggling to live for our sake or for others. Every waking hour, we work, we play, we strive to make most of our days. And yet, we still end up in places where we can lose ourselves bargaining little pleasure or yet freedom, which drive us more into panic and anxiety. Such as drugs, alcohol, sex is easy to get and enjoy but it’s short while is it even worth it? after all, when we’re done doing such activities. We become empty; families lost, lovers broken, trusts severed. Now what? This brings me a question for you; Do you want to break this addiction? Do you still have the will to live and change for the better you? Are you still doubting that a person such as you can still change? Would you even want to become better? If your thinking, ‘There’s no hope for me anyway, why bother becoming better?’ My friend, YOU having that kind of mindset won’t get you far in life, you have to change. You NEED to change, you are special, the same as anyone you’ve ever met. There’s still hope for YOU to become better. Don’t let this chance pass by. Go and seek counseling at Mindful Psychology Center in Dumaguete City. ( Talk to someone who can understand you and help you. You’ll find your experience worthwhile in Mindful Psychology Center, I am sure of it.

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