Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

You feel like a mess, all your emotions are all over the places, you feel like there is nothing that could make you happy on this earth. You like to be alone but still prefer to have a companion, you tend to push people away because it feels exhausted, but despite all of those emotions you don’t want to be alone you just feel tired and you want someone to talk to who will just listens to your emotional breakdown and feel that all of the emotions that you are having on your breakdown are valid.

It is not an easy fight, fighting your own self is much more difficult to breakthrough, it is not easy to fight your messed up mind. Out of all people your mind is the first to judge you, to make you feel insecure, and if that mind was opened to wrong people or environment that never understand one’s mental health will feed it more with negativity and eventually will suffer more to self-destruction.


Today on our time, it is not just about being physically fit but also being mentally healthy. Having a healthy mind is also connected on having a healthy body. Why? Because our mind is the one who dictates what should we do on our body, we have the will how to use our knowledge in everything that we do. If one person is inclined to have a fully built and a healthy body getting tired in going to gym was not an issue, doing some healthy diet is never an issue, because that person is focused on one goal, to be physically healthy.


The point is we all have our own downfalls or breakdowns due to some circumstances that we are facing in everyday lives, but the main question here is would you like to stay on downside, or you would take the courage to rise every time you fall?


We always have the choice, we can also have the will to have an option, outcome did not offer an assurance but helps you to move forward and be stronger-wiser through your entire life.

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