Do you have a pet or are you a pet lover?

How great it is to have a pet! Aside from having a good companion, sometimes having a pet saves lives.

Pets becomes instant source of positivity, the companionship that they brings gives energy to our tired souls. Those small fluffy paws and googly eyes will make someone’s bad day turns into a good one.

How great is the impact of having a pet to our Mental Health?

Pets is the most effective way to relieve stress or anxiety, and asides from being a stress reliever our fur friends does help the society, like trained K9 dogs to help the police, there are service dogs who helps people that have anxiety attacks, and cats who relieved anxiety to children on a hospital ward.

In any other means, this animals becomes our protection and emotional support, they really boosts your serotonin and changes our mood on a positive way., once conducted a study way back 2011 that involves over 600 cat and non-cat owner as their respondents, on 87% respondents who owned a cat feels that, having a cat results to more positive impact to their wellbeing, and 76% said that having a fur friends helps them to cope up much easier to their everyday lives.  (

It is not necessary to really have a pet because having them also comes with a great responsibility, because it’s like having a baby, but it is not bad not getting one, and sometimes having a deep bond and great friendship happens without us knowing.

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