5 Beliefs That Make Life Easier, Success More Likely and Challenges More Enjoyable.

Do you manage your beliefs? It’s our beliefs that determine our actions. And our actions determine our results. If you’re not getting the results you desire, your beliefs deserve some examination. Your beliefs are the core of your results. Life and success are both easier and more consistent when your beliefs are supportive.


Adopt these beliefs and your life will change:

  1. There is a way. If you don’t believe you can succeed at a particular task or goal, you’ll never get started. It just wouldn’t make any sense. You’re much more likely to chase those big goals if you believe there is a path that works for you.
  2. Everyone is doing the best they can. It’s easy to take things personally when people are cross or let us down. In many instances, you aren’t the issue. The other person could be having a bad day or maybe had a rough childhood.


  • This belief doesn’t imply that everyone is operating at the limit of their potential. But given a person’s past experiences, present circumstances, and belief system, they believe they’re doing the best they can at this moment.


  1. Failure is a learning tool. At some point, it’s necessary to stop learning, thinking, and planning, and pull the trigger. Your results determine your next step. See what happens and adjust your aim. The only way to avoid failure is to never do anything. Failure is part of success.
  2. I don’t need to be the best, I need to be my best. Your lawyer, third-grade teacher, doctor, and mechanic are almost certainly not the best in their respective fields. You can achieve a high-level of success without being the best at anything.
  3. Small improvements are enough. Fast results require big changes, but those big changes can occur over a long period of time. Trying to change too much, too fast, is unlikely to work in the long-term. It’s too uncomfortable. Introduce changes slowly. A small change that’s maintained and built upon has a huge effect over time. Remember to eat the elephant one bite at a time.  Small steps lead to big completions.


These beliefs will enhance your life. A few, simple beliefs can make all the difference. Enjoy your life more and celebrate more success. Consider the impact your beliefs are having on your life.

Lastly, remember that FEAR is created in our brains based on our thoughts about what might happen, not what will happen.  FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real.  Challenge yourself to fall forward to something you FEAR not because it’s dangerous but because your mind has made it so.

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